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How To Keep Them Motivated

In this episode of My Spectrum Life Jessica and Kelsey will talk about “How to Keep Them Motivated” This is a struggle for all parents but especially for those parents who have a child on the Spectrum. Calendar App Title “My Homework Student Planner”

Executive Functioning Skills

In this episode Jessica and Kelsey talk about Executive Functioning Skills. Do you know what that is?

What is Autism Awareness?

Podcast #5  Original cast date March 30, 2020 What is Autism Awareness? Show Description: With Autism Awareness Month just 2 days away, Jessica and Kelsey take a look at autism awareness and what it looks like. What Does Autism Awareness Look Like? Awareness: (as defined by The quality or state of being aware :…
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Special Guest Latrice “Autsim Mom & Counselor”

Latrice Hamilton, CO-AUTHOR It is TIME!! NEW BOOK ALERT! Women of Worth, An Anthology: Beautiful. Valuable. Beloved.  Collections of stories and testimonials of individuals who have MADE LIFE HAPPEN, by overcoming, prevailing, and facing life head-on. Knowing Our WORTH has been the foundation of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT!  The phenomenal individuals authoring this book were able…
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What is an Educational Diagnosis and IDEA?

In this episode we will be talking about how to get an educational Diagnosis for Autism and what all that involves and also we will be talking about what the IDEA is.

Episode 2 “Getting the Diagnosis”

Helping you understand the ins and outs of getting a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We aren’t medical professionals qualified to diagnose, but we’ll help explain some jargon and give you tips and tricks to get to the right medical professional who can. DSM-5 Fact Sheets Book: 

Episode 1 Our “Origin Story”

Link to Episode: In this first episode of the My Spectrum Life Podcast, your hosts Jessica and Kelsey will be sharing their “Origin” stories if you will. Jessica’s son is on the Autism Spectrum and her family met Kelsey when she began as an ABA therapist for Curtis. See how ABA can be a…
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