How to keep your kids engaged during virtual learning

How to keep your kids engaged during virtual learning

We have come up with 5 ways to help keep you kids engaged during virtual learning.

1. Have a routine or schedule but break it up in to segments.

a. Break it up into segments such as a morning routine to get ready for school, a lunch routine, etc.

b. Have these different routines posted for visual cues.

c. Works for ALL kids because when you think about it, school is based on schedules

d. Kids thrive on routine and schedules – as much as we hate to admit.

e. Is NOT set in stone! If something isn’t working, change it up until you find a path of least resistance. It may be a little tough at the beginning, but you will find what works best.

Do you have a schedule or routine yet?

2. Sensory Breaks – USE A TIMER

a. Definition – doing anything that give sensory input

b. Ask for a list from your OT of activities to do

c. The Out of Sync Child Has Fun

What kind of sensory activities do you already do?

3. Brain Breaks – USE A TIMER

a. Definition – giving your brain a complete break

b. Do a search on the internet for “Brain Break ideas”

c. Kids may have heard of or used in school

d. Search Brain Breaks on

i. Lisa Taylor Teaching the Stars TPT store has Brain Break Bubbles

e. Not just for kids!!

Have you ever heard of brain breaks before?

4. Allow for SIMPLE fidgets during live lessons

a. What qualifies as simple?

i. S – Shhhh! It’s quiet

ii. I – Is NOT a projectile or can be used as a projectile

iii. M – Manipulation of fidget doesn’t take full attention from the screen

iv. P – Prepares mind for input

v. E – Everyone is not the same

What are your favorite SIMPLE fidgets?

5. Movement

a. Get outside and get that Vitamin D

b. States do have PE requirements, use this to help give you ideas

c. Movement can help integration of information

d. Spelling, math facts, flash cards – Can all be done with movement!

e. Don’t forget to get movement yourself! (I – Jessica – am bad at this and need to get better)

How are you going to use movement to help with studying this week?