Special Guest Latrice “Autsim Mom & Counselor”

Special Guest Latrice “Autsim Mom & Counselor”

Latrice Hamilton, CO-AUTHOR


Women of Worth, An Anthology: Beautiful. Valuable. Beloved. 

Collections of stories and testimonials of individuals who have MADE LIFE HAPPEN, by overcoming, prevailing, and facing life head-on. Knowing Our WORTH has been the foundation of GROWTH and DEVELOPMENT!  The phenomenal individuals authoring this book were able to recognize their destiny by transforming their lives to be all that God intended. #WOW

As you read my story, and the stories of others in the book, be inspired by the unrelenting WILL, DESIRE, and POWER to know your worth. 

“Now, hold up your head and walk out your Life Journey with Bold Faith.  You got            

this!  Believe it!  I am a mother of a child diagnosed with a rare medical illness of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Autism, and Epilepsy AND I am so much More!  My life’s circumstances do not define

who I am!  I am God’s child and I stand on His promises for my life.  I am Beloved. I am Beautiful.  I am Valued.  I am a Winner.  I am Worthy and so are You!”

Author:  Latrice Hamilton 

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