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My Spectrum Life

Why We Do What We Do

My Spectrum Life is a podcast created to share our experiences and give information in order to thrive when your life is touched by Autism. It is our belief that it’s more important to focus on succeeding and living a joyful life, solving problems and understanding behaviors when there is someone you love is on the Autism Spectrum. Join us as we share our failures and what we learned and our victories in day to day living. We will also be bringing information and guests to share about Autism Spectrum Disorder and its wide array of complexities. With a lot of Faith, Love, and Fidget Toys, we can all make it!

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Show Notes

Below are our Show Notes where you will be able to get links and Resouces that we talk about in the Live Stream.

How to keep your kids engaged during virtual learning

We have come up with 5 ways to help keep you kids engaged during virtual learning. 1. Have a routine or schedule but break it up in to segments. a.[…]

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3 Ways to Successfully Begin your Virtual or Homeschool Year

1. Pay attention to virtual classroom rules a. Get help – ask you your teachers b. Teachers will have a normal set of rules c. Know the appropriate time to[…]

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Executive Functioning Skills

In this episode Jessica and Kelsey talk about Executive Functioning Skills. Do you know what that is?

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I’m an Autism Mom. My son is 11 now and we have been through a lot since he was diagnosed with ASD, but I wouldn’t change him for anything. He’s perfect the way he is, even though my daughter, husband and I don’t understand him all of the time. We do our best to understand, love and help him understand the world around him.



I have taught in the schools for 3 years as a self-contained teacher. I am also a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with a Masters in Behavior with an Emphasis of ABA. I have worked in the ABA field for 6 years and absolutely love working with children with Autism. They are my world!